The Goods Homewares, Sherry Goodrum

Sherry Goodrum, owner of The Goods Homewares in Fort Smith, Arkansas, has paint in her blood! To this day Sherry has the fondest memories of her grandmother re-purposing vintage pieces of furniture and transforming them into family treasures that possessed both beauty and functionality.  Sherry’s Grandfather worked at a furniture store and would supply her grandmother with a steady stream of furniture to paint. 

One of Sherry’s most cherished pieces of furniture is one in which her grandmother painted, and then repainted, so many times it now has layers upon layers of various shades of paint; each layer forever capturing a special moment in time. “She always made the best of what they had but with a creative outlook”, recalls Sherry as she reflected back on her grandmother’s approach to perhaps not just refinishing furniture but life itself. Make the most of what you have and make it better.

Sherry has also been inspired by her mother. Sherry’s father was a Southern Baptist preacher and Sherry grew up living in a church parsonage with her family. Her parents never owned a home throughout Sherry’s upbringing but her mother had a way of making each one feel like not just another house but a home. Regardless of how few resources they had or the dearth of fancy décor, Sherry’s mother always made it feel like it was truly theirs. In this fertile soil of faith, hope, and love the seeds of Sherry’s dream of one day opening a furniture store of her own were planted. These lessons of hospitality offered to her through her experience as a preacher’s child molded her into the shop owner she is today.

Sherry went on to meet her husband of 30 years in a church as well. Sherry reports she practically chased him between the pews to invite him to that night’s event. From there they fell in love and created a beautiful family together. They have three adult daughters, who now live in the one home their grandparents owned in after all their years of ministry. Carrying on the legacy of their grandmother and great grandmother they too use what they have, paint furniture and are very hospitable.

Sherry and AnnieSherry and Annie. 

Sherry loves being able to own and run a shop in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Even though she was not born or raised in Fort Smith she considers it to be her home town. She describes it as a warm and simple town. Sherry is very grateful to have such an active community and just recently held a very successful Holiday Open House.

The Goods, Fort Smith ArkansasThe Goods Homewares located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. In a historic Grocer's building.

The Goods, inside
Inside The Goods Homewares.

 The Goods Homewares is located in a historic building,  that was once an old grocer making it the perfect home for a vintage furniture store like Sherry’s. Sherry loves showing up every day and focuses on treating every customer like their a guest in her home. She lives by the  maxim that everyone should be treated with respect and love, as God intended. She also gets to have a little helper come with her to work  every day, her Silky Terrier Molly! Molly brightens up Sherry’s life and the lives of each Patron!

Molly the Silky Terrier
Molly, the Silky Terrier.

Sherry’s favorite Maison Blanche Paint shade is Oyster! She says she can’t keep it on the shelf. But her all-time favorite products are the rich Maison Blanche Waxes. Dark Brown used to be her preferred color of choice but with the new trend of Clear wax she has been enjoying the Clear Wax and the White Chalk Wax. She loves that there is a choice between colors for various finishing applications!

Follow the next few photos to see some before and after pictures of Sherry’s amazing transformations! And go visit The Goods Homewares!
 Sherry transformed this vanity using Sugar Cane and Oyster Vintage Furniture Paint. She finished it with Clear Antique Wax.
Vanity After
Before image Sherry painted this next piece in Creme De Menthe and Oyster Vintage Furniture Paint and finished it with Clear Antique Wax. 
After image
 Sherry painted this tall chest with Ivory then detailed the drawers with Franciscan Gray Vintage Furniture Paint. She finished the chest with Clear O Wax. 
Thank you so much to Sherry Goodrum for sharing her experiences with us!